GloBAS will attend Ajban Defense Industry and Technology Exhibition

GloBAS Engineering is excited to announce that it will be visiting the Ajban Defense Industry and Technology Exhibition, taking place in Abu-Dhabi, the UAE on 9-10 October 2023. The Ajban Defense Industry &Technology Exhibition aims a helping UAE defense manufacturers identify new procurement partners within the country in order to keep up with the rapid pace of development.

GloBAS Engineering is a local UAE supplier of mechanical engineering software and services in the areas of defense, aerospace, automotive and others.

GloBAS specializing in mechanical engineering software and provides high-level solutions in various areas of mechanical engineering, including armour and shields penetration analysis, vehicle dynamics and control analysis as well as explosion and crush simulation tests and optimization.

“We are looking forward to the opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing that Ajban Defense Industry and Technology Exhibition offers”, says Dipl.Eng.Ali Mayya, Sales Engineer at GloBAS Engineering.  

To schedule a meeting with GloBAS Engineering during the exhibition, please, contact us at contact@globasengineering.com or Book a meeting HERE.

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