Cylindrical gears manufacturing and solving repair tasks using KISSSoft

GloBAS Engineering presents

Cylindrical gears manufacturing and solving repair tasks using KISSSoft

11 October, 16:00 (GMT+4, Dubai time zone)

GloBAS Engineering, official KISSsoft distributor in  Middle East, invites you to explore gear repair and manufacturing topic in upcoming workshop. We will provide an overview of theory and machinery and demonstrate the capabilities of KISSsoft—a software solution for modeling, analysis, and simulation of gears. Furthermore, we will dive into the software-assisted gears manufacturing workflow.

As part of this workshop, we’ll explore significant topics:

  • Gear manufacturing theory – machines and technologies
  • Repair of gears. Modern approach
  • Advantages of localised gear technologies
  • Software for gear design and manufacturing – KISSsoft
  • Using KISSsoft for gears repair purposes
  • Design gear manufacturing tools. Data for manufacturing in KISSsoft

Cylindrical gears are used to transmit rotational motion and torque between parallal shafts. It is the most common type of gears used in industrial, automotive, and other applications. To ensure precision of manufactured or repaired cylindrical gear, modern production workflow requires specialized software tools for gear design and manufacturing.

This workshop will be beneficial for engineers from companies which already have the manufacturing abilities of gears production – milling, CNC machines, etc. But also for the companies who want to expand their abilities in gear manufacturing direction.

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Main Speaker

Boris rakhimov, globas engineering

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