Gearbox Design and Manufacturing Workshop

KISSsoft AG, ASME UAE Section and
Rochester Institute of Technology of Dubai presents

Gear Design and Manufacturing Workshop

27 March, 18:00 (GMT+4, Dubai time zone)

On 27th March 2023 at 18:00 KISSsoft AG, A Gleason Company, together with GloBAS Engineering and Rochester Institute of Technology of Dubai presents an online gearbox design and manufacturing workshop.

Senior Engineer at KISSsoft AG will share knowledge about industrial gearbox concepts, calculations and optimisation in oil&gas, automotive, E-drives, aerospace and other industries. Touching slightly upon NVH efficiency, muting transmission noise actual topics.

In this seminar, common standards of gearbox design, an overview of KISSsoft® calculation and optimization for gear and gearbox design elements will be shown through real-time simulations and illustration of case studies. Many aspects of gearbox design, including pitting, tooth root failure, noise reduction, lifetime analysis of gearbox elements, and optimization tools will be introduced.

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*KISSsoft is a registered trademark of KISSsoft AG

Size, analyse, optimize machine elements and gearboxes

with world-leading mechanical engineering design software from Switzerland for gear calculations, which now comes to the UAE.
  • Best in class for gearboxes, transmissions and complex geartrains
  • More than 30 years of industrial design experience and innovation
KISSsoft helped hundreds of world famous companies to become market leaders in different verticals.

Benefits for participants:

  • Broaden your knowledge of gears & transmissions
  • Learn best practices in the mechanical engineering
  • Meet the market leaders and experts in the industry
  • Explore modern tools for machine elements and gearboxes’ analytical calculations

Who should attend:

  • Industrial manufacturers

  • Engineering Authorities

  • Gear Designers

  • Transmissions producers

  • Technical Universities

Key industries:

Oil & Gas

Main Speaker

MSc. Eng. Ilja Tsikur

Senior Engineer- Global Sales

KISSsoft AG, A Gleason Company

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