Noise and Vibration Analysis

Calculation of noise and vibration levels. Analysis of sound waves distribution in the structure and in the surrounding space.

Improve the acoustic perfomance with NVH

Structural vibration can cause many problems associated with the product: it can cause fatigue failure of structures, cause discomfort to people using the product or in the vicinity, disrupt sensitive equipment, etc. In addition, unwanted vibration of structures may interfere with the performance of the products as required and become a potential safety hazard.

Our services in noise and vibration analysis​

Noise and vibration (NVH) is one of the product characteristics that can be easily sensed by people, and is therefore a high priority. It is a characteristic that designers of promising products often seek to improve in order to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Example of other tasks: 

  • calculation of acoustic waves distribution from the source both over the surface of the structure and in the area of ​​the acoustic field. Initial data (characteristics of the vibrating source) can be taken as a result of either experiment or finite element analysis;
  • calculation of acoustic dispersion as a result of reflection or diffraction from any structure in the acoustic field.
    Obtaining the resulting acoustic field and vibration of the structure from an incident external sound wave;
  • analysis of the transformation of sound energy as a result of reflection, absorption and transmission through structural elements. Calculation of vibration levels both on the inside and on the outside of the sound-absorbing panels;
  • vibration transmission path analysis;
  • calculation of structure vibrations for a given force effect and subsequent calculation of the acoustic field generated by the vibrating structure
  • analysis of dynamic stability of systems to determine their propensity to increase in vibration amplitudes;
  • calculation of the contribution of individual sections of vibrating structures to the acoustic or structural response;
  • analysis of steady-state harmonic oscillations to obtain vibration and noise spectra.

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