Actran Acoustics

The gold standart in Acoustic Simulation

High perfomance calculation

Protecting people from noise and vibration, as well as ensuring acoustic comfort in the operation of technical systems are among the important tasks in the development of new products in various industrial sectors. In a number of cases, ensuring the strength and durability of structural elements and the operation of electronic systems also requires acoustic load analysis. Computational methods of acoustic analysis are actively used by designers of technical devices to assess the influence of the design parameters of products on the acoustic characteristics, for the effective use of sound-absorbing materials, etc.

Typical applications of Actran are modeling the internal and external acoustic fields of various transportation systems. For example, simulation of noise in the undercarriage of a car and noise impact on the driver and passengers in the cabin, simulation of acoustic characteristics of the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine, analysis of noise in the cabin of an aircraft from various external influences, research and selection of characteristics and design of sound-absorbing devices and coatings, and so on. Besides, it is possible to conduct acoustic analysis of the characteristics of consumer goods, such as cell phone speakers, freestanding speaker systems, musical instruments, other types of sound reproducing devices, etc.

The software package includes modules for solving the following classes of problems:

  • acoustics and vibroacoustics in the frequency and time domain;
  • aeroacoustics with direct calculation of noise sources;
  • aeroacoustic with noise generation in Actran;
  • aeroacoustics of GTEs;
  • specialized modules:
    • profile and fan noise generation;
    • vibroacoustics analysis based on Green’s theorem;
    • “film” vibroacoustics analysis based on vibration waveforms of vibrating surfaces;

Complex calculation in Actran

Actran provides several highly efficient algorithms for solving problems. These algorithms provide high speed solutions to acoustic problems, which in most cases require significant machine resources.
Actran’s tight integration with MSC Nastran, Adams, scFlow, and Dytran allows you to leverage the strengths of each product. For example, the analysis of structural vibrations can be performed using MSC Nastran (the accuracy and speed of such calculations is generally recognized), and the simulation of sound propagation in the environment – using Actran (the product is optimized for solving exactly such problems).

The wide range of tasks to be solved allows the use of Actran in the development of promising models of automotive, aviation, space, railway equipment, consumer goods, electronics, industrial systems of mining and processing of minerals, etc.

You can request a trial version of the full software package for testing. The trial is followed with a technical demonstration aimed on software abilities and focused on your design and manufacturing purposes.

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