MSC Apex

Unified CAE Environment for Virtual Product Development

The world's first CAE system using the revolutionary Computational Parts™ technology. MSC Apex is designed as a platform for a wide range of applications and physical computing disciplines. MSC Software intends to expand the capabilities of the system in phases. The first version of MSC Apex was released in 2014.

MSC Apex transforms the approach to modeling and analysis as such, significantly reducing the time required to prepare computational models from days to hours. Innovative modeling techniques implemented in MSC Apex enable more detailed product design in the early stages of design, saving time and money.

MSC Apex includes the complementary modules MSC Apex Modeler and MSC Apex Structures, allowing for model preparation, calculation run and post-processing.

The geometric model of the investigated structure serves as input data for the finite element calculation. The key advantage of MSC Apex is the tools for fast and efficient preparation of computational models, including shell models, based on imported models from third-party CAD systems. Import is possible in UG-NX, Catia v4, Catia v5, Solidworks, Inventor, Pro/Engineer Wildfire and Creo, STEP, IGES, ACIS, Parasolid. In addition, MSC Apex contains a set of tools for auxiliary geometric constructions – based on the selected one of the standard planes or flat surfaces already existing geometry.

Geometry editing tools allow to correct the imported model taking into account the requirements of CAE analysis, and the technology of direct geometry editing implemented in MSC Apex allows to immediately evaluate how the changes in the model will affect the result of the finite element mesh construction.

How does the system handle the data and what is the result?

MSC Apex is an integrated solution for engineering calculations, which includes its own pre/postprocessor and an integrated solver based on the finite element method. The solution is unique in combining Component and Assembly technology with a high-performance simulation environment that enables interactive and incremental (step-by-step, step-by-step) design analysis.

The integration of the dynamic user interface with the solver methods gives the user the unique ability to perform interactive and incremental model validation, i.e. to debug any part configuration early in the simulation and confirm that the KE models are ready to perform a full product model calculation. On user request, a series of automatic checks can be performed on both individual parts and the entire assembly with automatic report generation on the Analysis Readiness panel. The implemented step-by-step validation approach is radically different from the time-consuming traditional approach, where the pre/postprocessor and solver are separated.

MSC Apex can act as a support tool for Patran users to greatly simplify and improve the efficiency of the CAD2Mesh phase and transfer the results to Patran. In this case, the output in MSC Apex will be an edited geometry in parasolid format and a finite element model in MSC Nastran format (*.bdf), which can contain automatically assigned thicknesses and indents of finite elements from the node plane.

How can the system improve plant efficiency?

MSC Apex is a fully integrated and high-performance modeling and analysis environment built from the ground up.
MSC Apex is equipped with the technology of direct geometry modeling (synchronous technologies) taking into account the needs of CAE analysis, as well as the means of generation, editing and automatic adaptation of finite element mesh when the geometric model changes. All these features together allow to speed up processes at the stage of CAE model preparation for calculation by up to 50 times.
MSC Apex includes an integrated solver, which allows the user to debug models from parts and assemblies interactively, resulting in a 10-fold increase in productivity at the model preparation stage.
MSC Apex is the world’s first CAE system to utilize Computational Parts™ technology, which enables individual users to run both single parts and complex assemblies incrementally, allowing for faster variant studies of complex design structures, as well as sharing math models with partners and co-executives without compromising enterprise intellectual property.
MSC Apex is a system based on the representation of the model as Parts and Assemblies. This allows design participants to share a unique project structure while independently managing specific parts, subsystems, assemblies and their varied behaviors. This enables each user in the overall product design process to have constant access to up-to-date data.
MSC Apex offers a unique, comfortable and easy-to-use simulation environment, the basics of which can be mastered in a day, even by users with no experience in CAE systems. In the new user interface, the developers intentionally eliminated a large number of tools, reducing them by a factor of 10. Built-in video exercises, short instructions-scripts and contextual cursor prompts significantly simplify the process of learning the new system and enable faster inclusion in the workflow.
MSC Apex can act as a support tool for Patran users to greatly simplify and improve the efficiency of the CAD2Mesh phase and transfer the results to Patran.

You can request a trial version of the full package for testing. The trial is followed with a technical demonstration aimed on software abilities and focused on your design and manufacturing purposes.

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