KISSsoft® – Design Software

Size, analyse and optimize machine elements and gearboxes

KISSsoft® is a modular calculation program for the design, optimization and verification of machine elements according to international standards. The individually customized software packages guarantee tailor made solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Using KISSsoft® with integration to all common CAD software allows to optimize a design process and reach a high-level results.

Our software is used in a wide range of application fields:




    • Rigs gearboxes
    • Wind turbines
    • EV transmissions
    • Industrial gearboxes

KISSsoft® – machine elements calculation software allows to develop a new or inspect and check existing design of different parts and systems. 

  • Gearboxes with all types of gears such as cylindrical gears, bevel gears, worm gears  
  • Complete shaft and bearing calculations with consideration of internal geometry 
  • Various calculations like tolerance chain, Hertzian pressure and many more 
  • Shaft-hub connections with a wide variety of connection types 
  • Springs, bolts and others elements

KISSsys® – is an add-on system to KISSsoft that can be used to model complete gearboxes and drive trains. The analysis is performed simultaneously for all gears, shafts and bearings. With KISSsys®, any complicated system and it’s kinematics can be calculated.  

  • Ready modules for common standard kinematics and modeling of arbitrary kinematics 
  • Automatic connection to KISSsoft® calculation modules 
  • Various libraries with elements for Shifting States and Repeating Parts 
  • Own calculations and automations possible via an integrated programming language 

You can request a trial version of the full KISSsoft package for testing. The trial is followed with a technical demonstration aimed on software abilities and focused on your design and manufacturing purposes.

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KISSsoft is a registered trademark of KISSsoft AG

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