Fatigue and Durability

Analysis of the durability of the structure under various loading conditions. Determination of zones of probable destruction and determination of the limiting number of loading cycles before the destruction of the product.

Fatigue strength analysis

One of the most challenging tasks in the product design and development process is predicting fatigue failure. It is very difficult to improve the safety of a design without understanding how it performs under cyclic loading conditions, without knowledge of when and where failure or failure may occur. In-situ experimentation can be prohibitively expensive if tests are conducted for all possible failure scenarios. The use of finite element model based durability analysis methods is the most appropriate solution.

Such analyses are not limited to fatigue calculations - the results can include safe working loads, schedule warranty claims, high temperature effects, and process and assembly stresses.

Our services in fatigue analysis​

With the help of unique solvers and the necessary competencies, our specialists are ready to perform tasks, such as:

  • Multi-cycle fatigue by nominal stress (S-N) or strain (E-N) methods;
  • Low Cycle Fatigue by Equal Stress (E-N) or Strain (E-N) Methods;
  • Safety factor assessments, durability reserves
  • Analysis using several simultaneous or sequential loads, generation of long load histories, combination of different load types, transformation of loads into the studied domain: time or frequency;
  • Fatigue crack propagation;
  • Fatigue failure critical zones definition

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