Multibody Dynamics

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Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) is the prediction of the motion of groups of interconnected bodies that have forces acting on them. The result of a multi-body dynamics simulation is the motion of the bodies and the various interaction forces acting on and between the bodies. Multi-body dynamics simulation software predicts the motion and the interaction forces by automatically formulating differential equations to describe the motion of a system of bodies and then solving them numerically.

Our capabilities​

With the help of unique solvers and the necessary competencies, our specialists are ready to perform acoustic analysis and modeling tasks, such as:

  • Multi-mass dynamics of solids and elastic bodies;
  • Sensitivity Analysis;
  • Vehicle design and testing;
  • Coupled mechanical and control system analysis;
  • Loads and displacements;
  • Dynamics, statics, energy distribution and dissipation of structural elements;
  • Control Systems Analysis
  • And much more.

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