Dynamic Strength Calculations

In the modern world, dynamics is the main object of interest since our whole life is a dynamic process, and not frozen at the moment. Performing calculations of complex products in dynamics allows to get a more complete picture of the product behaviour in the real life. By getting a dynamic picture of the product’s behavior (whether it is a car, truck, land vehicle, drone, UAV, or aircraft), we get the opportunity to understand which components and assemblies can be improved in terms of reducing their weight, or vice versa, which require increased attention or strengthening.

Our Services in dynamic strength calculations

With the help of unique solvers and the necessary competencies, our specialists are ready to perform dynamic strength calculation tasks, such as:

  • simulation of crash tests;
  • simulation of explosive loading;
  • multi-mass dynamics of solids and elastic bodies;
  • short-term dynamic processes and quasi-statics;
  • fully coupled thermal strength analysis;
  • dynamics, statics, energy distribution and dissipation of structural elements.

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