Computational Fluid Dynamics in Building and Architecture

GloBAS Engineering presents

Computational Fluid Dynamics in Building and Architecture

6 March, 16:00 (GMT+4, Dubai time zone)

GloBAS Engineering and HEXAGON MSC Software are glad to announce the next online engineering workshop, dedicated to computational fluid dynamics simulations in buildings and architecture by MSC CRADLE software from HEXAGON.

Multiphysics simulation provides a solution to many challenges in the building sector. For example, optimizing building HVAC system design and minimizing heat/cold losses with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) not only makes economic sense but also creates a more sustainable world. Analyzing the impact of elevator noise on apartments or offices provides a more comfortable living or working environment.

The digitalization of building design enhances generative design, allowing architects and engineers to explore various scenarios efficiently, including both daily matters of building usage, as well as unexpected possible hazards and risks.

Hexagon, a leader in building technology solutions, offers a unique combination of sensor hardware and buildings-specific software. Its focus is on supporting the entire lifecycle of vertical structures, spanning planning, design, construction, renovation, operations, maintenance, and protection.

Hexagon’s building technology empowers your company to revolutionize construction projects, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.

GloBAS Engineering, as an official distributor of HEXAGON MSC Software in the Middle East region, is honored to host this online workshop, especially for MENA architects and building engineers to support growing local sustainable, modern, reliable buildings and infrastructural objects.

Over 60 years HEXAGON is considered as a global well-respected leader in software simulations software solutions. During the one-hour workshop, the known industry experts from HEXAGON will be showcasing their experience in simulation applications and sharing practical examples from building and architecture verticals.

Design safe and sustainable cities with HEXAGON simulation solution!

Join our workshop on March 6th and explore how multiphysics simulation can model scenarios such as indoor environments and airflow around buildings.

The demonstration will be followed up by a Q&A session from participants. We invite building engineers, CFD experts and all interested to Register and Join this unique engineering workshop.

Registration is now open!

Kindly fill out the form below or send us an email to contact@globasengineering.com

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