Gears and Transmissions Design

Gears are used in a wide range of areas: Industrial gearboxes, vehicle construction, bearing and gear manufacturing, precision mechanics, plastics, turbo gearbox manufacturing, wind power, ship-building and further areas. Accuracy of calculations is the key to success.

Design, calculation and optimization

Working with the world's leading machine-building enterprises, we have the opportunity to observe and accumulate the experience of international machinery companies, market leaders. We use all this experience to perform all types of calculations for all major types of gears and systems.

Our capabilities​

The systems we use allow us to model all types of calculations (geometry; strength; topological modifications; contact analysis; NVH analysis; reliability) for all types of gears: 

  • Cylindrical
  • Bevel and hypoid
  • Worm (Globoid)
  • Crossed helical
  • Cylindrical-bevel gear (Facegear)
  • Planetary
  • Belt and chain drives
  • Racks and racks

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