Complex Approach in CAE: Online Workshop

GloBAS Engineering presents

Complex Approach in CAE

2 May, 17:00 (GMT+4, Dubai time zone)

On 2nd May 2023 at 17:00  GloBAS Engineering presents an online workshop on the complex approach in computer aided design.

Senior Chief Engineering Partner at GloBAS Engineering will share his experience of simulating the complete land vehicle in separate units, as well as in whole for static conditions and dynamic environments. 

Participants will see the whole picture of finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, static and dynamics strengths analysis, internal and external aerodynamics simulation, and many more.

We will talk about one of the most challenging issues in the engineers’ work – complex virtual testings and simulations, combining the best of the best software tools. Nowadays it is important to keep lots of nuances when developing more and more sophisticated products under pressure environment. We will share our experience and best practices in 1 hour case-study approach.

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Land Vehicle Simulation: The complex approach in CAE

Assembled and totally simulated in the virtual environment, including the cabin, engine and transmission, front and rear suspension, fuel tank and more.

Complex approach in mechanical computer-aided engineering on single truck example:

  • How to simulate all parts and product in whole by
    modern CAE software tools
  • Real truck simulated in static dynamic, CFD and much more. 

Benefits for participants:

  • Get clear picture how to structure modern computer-aided engineering methods in a complex approach
  • Learn best practices of simulation on real land-vehicle example
  • Meet the market leaders and experts in the industry
  • Explore modern tools for computer-aided engineering

Who should attend:

  • Mechanical engineers

  • FEA, Strength Experts

  • Production specialists

  • Industrial manufacturers

  • All those, who interested 

Key methods used:

Static Strength
Dynamic Strength
Multi-Body Dynamics
Gear Box Optimization
Thermal analysis

Main Speaker

MSc. Eng. Dmitry Grenishen, Chief CAE Engineering Partner at GloBAS Engineering.

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