KISSsoft in a Variety of Applications

The gears calculation program KISSsoft is used in a wide variety of applications: for industrial gear units, the automotive industry, the energy sector, aerospace, shipping, and numerous other special fields. In industrial gear units, KISSsoft is used for standard and heavy-duty gear units. In the automotive industry, large car companies trust the software for their calculations. In […]

Computer Aided Engineering for E-Vehicles

CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) plays a crucial role in the development and optimization of electric vehicles (EVs). It allows engineers to simulate and analyze various aspects of EV design, performance, and safety without the need for physical prototypes. GloBAS Engineering is attending key EVIS – Electric Vehicles Innovation Summit, taking place 29th – 31st May in […]

Aerodynamics in architecture and infrastructure facilities

The application of aerodynamics and strength calculation is also widely used in architecture and infrastructure facilities. Let’s consider an airport as an example, what can be more important than safety and security in such a strategic object? Can the contractor predict and analyze the possible risks in advance? For sure. – Strength calculations related to […]

Reverse engineering for gas turbine plant

GloBAS Engineering is happy to share an example of a reverse engineering project for 25-megawatt gas turbine plant used in gas pumping stations. The project was done to restore documentation and to work out a repair technology. GloBAS’ partner engineer made the job using just scraps of information and pieces of drawings. GloBAS Engineering services […]

GloBAS will attend Electric Vehicles Summmit

GloBAS Engineering is excited to announce that we will be visiting the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS), taking place in Abu-Dhabi, the UAE on 29-31 May 2023. EVIS offers a unique opportunity to discover and to share the know-how in electric vehicles, energy and charging infrastructure, and information technology which will shape the future of […]

GloBAS became an official reseller of RecurDyn in the Middle East

GloBAS Engineers has passed training for multi-body dynamic CAE solution – RecurDyn from FunctionBay Inc. FunctionBay, Inc., headquartered in South Korea is an internationally-recognized supplier of professional CAE solution, which integrates many disciplines into a single seamless package. The core of these solutions is Multi-Flexible Body Dynamics (MFBD), which tightly integrates multibody dynamics analysis with […]

An integrated approach in a virtual simulation process

An integrated approach in a virtual simulation process of complex engineering can significantly reduce the time for multiple iterations when searching for the optimal solution. GloBAS launches a series of online workshops from an expert in complex simulations. It will be based on real land vehicle simulations in whole and in parts followed by virtual […]

CFD simulation for UAV drone design

One of the most important parameters in UAV drone design is lift force. Current trends require designers to create lightweight drones with the largest possible payload. To achieve such results, it is necessary to accurately engineer the blades and determine the drag coefficients. With the help of CFD simulation, you can avoid a huge number […]

Complex Approach in CAE: Online Workshop

GloBAS Engineering presents Complex Approach in CAE 2 May, 17:00 (GMT+4, Dubai time zone) REGISTER HERE On 2nd May 2023 at 17:00  GloBAS Engineering presents an online workshop on the complex approach in computer aided design. Senior Chief Engineering Partner at GloBAS Engineering will share his experience of simulating the complete land vehicle in separate units, as […]

Gear material selection

The choice of material for gears depends on the purpose of the transmission and its operating conditions, as well as on the overall dimensions. In this case, it is necessary to ensure the contact and bending strength of the teeth of the wheels, and resistance to seizing and wear. The selection of materials is a […]