Designing a gear pairs according to kinematic parameters

We continue to share with you international experience and developments in the field of highly specialized engineering calculations. One of the key data for designing gear systems is kinematic data. Often, the goal of designing a gearbox is to obtain lower rotational speeds and more torque on the output mechanism than on the motor. Based […]

GloBAS Engineering visits Hannover Messe

GloBAS Engineering is excited to announce that we will be visiting the world-renowned Hannover Messe industrial exhibition, taking place in Hannover, Germany from 17-21 April 2023. This exhibition brings together the core industrial sectors, including drive engineering, automation, energy, R&D, and industrial IT, making it the perfect opportunity for us to connect with our colleagues […]

GloBAS welcomes everbody in the Middle East office

Dear Friends and Colleagues, We hope all of you have had a nice Christmas and New Year break. Once again, we wish 2023 to bring everyone peace, health, stability, and prosperity. From our side, we are happy to share the latest news and suggest opportunities that GloBAS may bring to our valued customers in the […]

KISSsoft Tutorials from GloBAS: Fine Sizing of the gearbox

We are glad to introduce a new part of the KISSsoft Tutorial from GloBAS: Fine Sizing of the gearbox is now available on our YouTube Channel. Considering gearbox loads and basic geometry (centre distance, facewidth), Fine Sizing helps to evaluate optimal gearbox parameters:– Normal module– Helix angle– Profile shift coefficientThis tool allows to get optimised […]

Gearbox Design and Manufacturing Workshop, Dubai

Gear Design Seminar

On 6-8th December, KISSsoft AG, A Gleason Company, together with GloBAS Engineering, an official value-added reseller in the Middle East, hosted the first-ever gearbox design and manufacturing workshop in Dubai, UAE. Mr. Ilja Tsikur, Senior Engineer, Global sales at KISSsoft AG shared knowledge about industrial gearbox concepts, calculations and optimisation in oil&gas, automotive, E-drives, aerospace […]

KISSsoft Tutorials from GloBAS: Rough Sizing of the gearbox

New Tutorials from GloBAS: Rough Sizing of the gearbox is now available at our YouTube Channel This part of the KISSsoft tutorial covers the Rough Sizing feature application in gearbox design. Rough Sizing is considering gearbox loads and helps to evaluate optimal gearbox parameters: – Center distances; – Gear width and the number of teeth. […]

Gear design analysis with GloBAS Engineering

GloBAS Engineering is not only an engineering software provider but also a provider of “turn-key” services for your engineering tasks. For example, Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis (LTCA) provides various parameters of optimisation with tooth modifications (tooth grinding). The contact pattern is an area of the active tooth flank on which the load is distributed during […]

Schaeffler Catalog Bearings Integrated in KISSsoft

Manufacturer-independent engineering tools, such as KISSsoft, basically offer users the opportunity to be freer in selecting suppliers and more flexible in procuring components. On the other hand, in some cases there is no access to exclusive product data from the manufacturer in order to be able to perform the calculation with the greatest possible accuracy and […]

Gearbox modelling in KISSsys

We are happy to introduce the first video from the series of KISSsoft introductory tutorials from GloBAS! It covers the first steps of gearbox design using KISSsys software. We walked through the main features of gearbox creation such as: -adding gearbox components -connecting the stages -shafts and components positioning Preparation of the gearbox model in […]