GloBAS Engineering hosted Gears manufacturing and Repairment Workshop

GloBAS’s engineers, Mr. Ali S Mayya and Mr. Boris Rakhimov hosted a workshop on the manufacturing options and repairment of Cylindrical Gears using software from KISSsoft AG – A Gleason Company . The workshop attracted numerous participants with intriguing questions. Throughout the workshop, we covered topics including:
-Diverse Gear Manufacturing Techniques
-Comprehensive Overview of Computer-Aided Engineering Calculations
-Exploration of Classical Gear Manufacturing Methods: milling, hobbing, and shaping.
Additionally, we introduced the latest machining technologies for gear production and conducted a live demonstration of analytical design methods using KISSsoft AG software. This workshop aimed to enrich the knowledge and skills of industry professionals, contributing to the advancement of engineering and manufacturing expertise.
We believe that through these workshops, we contribute to the advancement of engineering and the growth of the manufacturing sector.
Get ready for our next workshop, coming soon!
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