The new version of KISSsoft 2021 is now available!

KISSsoft AG announced and released a new version of its flagship software product KISSsoft for calculating machine parts – gears, bearings, transmission assemblies.

The new version has a number of software updates and improvements:

Bearing calculation

Calculation of rolling bearings using the SKF Cloud service

Accounting for internal geometry

Stiffness Matrix Integration

Manufacturability assessment

Manufacturability and collision testing for honing and gear turning

Modification options

Comparison of various modifications

Using measurement data as a modification

Activation, deactivation, choice of options

Calculation of screw 3K

Specific slip

Graphic representations of the cross section of the gearing

Calculation of dFf and dFa based on tooth shape

Strength calculation

Rainflow matrix charts

ISO 6336:2019 for asymmetric gears

Seizure margin calculation


Complete calculation of the reliability of the gearbox and all components

Calculation according to AGMA 6006-B20

To learn more about what’s new in KISSsoft 2021, click here!

All KISSsoft customers who have signed a software maintenance contract will receive the new version of KISSsoft 2021 from their regional distributor.

We will be happy to host a webinar for you with a technical demonstration of the new functionality of the KISSsoft 2021 version and provide a demo version of the product. Email us


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