Empowering Middle East Universities: A Collaboration by GloBAS Engineering and KISSsoft AG

KISSsoft AG – A Gleason Company (Bubikon, Switzerland) and its exclusive distributor in the Middle East – GloBAS Engineering (Dubai, UAE) and are excited to announce the sponsorship offer to the Universities of the Middle East with the world-known machine elements and gearboxes engineering software – KISSsoft®.

The offer is aimed at enhancing the practical side of the students’ studies during their mechanical engineering curriculum. For over 40 years KISSsoft software is widely used wherever there are gears. Over 4,000 industrial enterprises worldwide are using KISSsoft to calculate, analyze and optimize machine elements and gearboxes according to international standards, like DIN, ISO, AGMA and others.

“Both KISSsoft AG and GloBAS Engineering understand the importance of investments in the future and supporting young engineers with practical tools during the study period. More the 400 Technical Universities worldwide are successfully using KISSsoft software in their curriculums, including special support for Student Formula’s racing teams globally. Being a local UAE company, GloBAS Engineering is happy to extend this experience to mechanical engineering faculties of other Middle East Universities”, says Irina Voronkina, CEO of GloBAS Engineering (Dubai, UAE). 

Universities can apply for a university license to make KISSsoft available for students. The university licenses are subject to separate commercial and licensing conditions. Students will then receive a license key and access to the software from the responsible faculty of the school. To help professors with implementing this engineering software in the curriculums GloBAS provides a 3-days training with recommendations and shares the experiences of other Universities.

KISSsoft is a modular calculation program for the gearbox design, gear calculation and gear optimization. The individually customized software packages for a wide variety of applications guarantee tailor-made solutions and the integration to all common CAD software complete the product. In this manner, the University of Zurich’s team secured the first-place position,by setting a new EV acceleration record, hitting 100km/h in just 0.956 seconds with their race car, by utilising KISSsoft software.

Additionally, in October 11th, GloBAS will host a workshop where participants can get a closer look at KISSsoft. The workshop will focus on the use of KISSsoft software for gear design and repair, covering topics such as gear manufacturing theory, modern gear repair approaches, and the advantages of localized gear technologies.

To know more and join dozens of market leaders in automotive, trucks, aerospace, robotics, fine-pitch mechanics, heavy machinery, marine, wind-energy, and industrial engineering, as well as to register for the workshop – contact us for details at contact@globasengineering.com 

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