Meshless methods and GPU for computational fluid dynamics

GloBAS Engineering continues to share the latest trends and global achievements in computer-aided engineering. An increasing place in the modern world of modeling complex systems is being occupied by methods based on a meshless approach for the analysis of liquid and gas (the Boltzmann method and the SPH approach). We will not go into the details of the implementation of a particular method but will concentrate on the topic of using these methods for real problems and especially how the use of GPU can significantly reduce the time for modeling.

The use of a combination of GPU + meshless method allows to reduce the calculation time by several times, without a significant loss in the quality of the final result. For example, the working out the task of the car’s external aerodynamics problem by the classical approach takes several days. Now the calculation time, with the correct use of the GPU, can be reduced up to several hours. For meshless methods, there are no difficulties to work with moving objects, no matter how many of them the task has.

Another SPH application lies in the modeling of lubrication systems, where a lot of challenges with contact interaction arise in the classical approach. Using SPH many significant problems disappear, and simulation time greatly reduces, especially for non-stationary processes.


One more example of using meshless methods is solving of FSI tasks in which there might be not only contact interaction, but also large deformations. In such problems, meshless methods make it possible to obtain a high-quality solution in a much shorter time than with the classical approach.

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