KISSsoft software is now coming to the Middle East

GloBAS became an official exclusive representative of KISSsoft AG in the Middle East

GloBAS Engineering became an official and exclusive representative of KISSsoft software in the Middle East markets, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. KISSsoft AG (www.kisssoft.com), a Gleason Company, is a manufacturer of high-quality mechanical engineering software for design, optimization and verification of gears, shafts, bearing, as well as entire transmissions since 1986.

Headquartered in Bubikon, Switzerland KISSsoft AG has unique innovations & more than 30 years experience in gears and gearboxes areas. GloBAS Group and KISSsoft AG are partnering since 2011 in different regions and projects. Today companies are happy to announce a new stage of cooperation in the Middle East Market.

GloBAS Engineering, registered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, is aimed at supplying software solutions and services for the manufacturing and engineering companies of the Middle East region. The KISSsoft calculation programs are very comprehensive and, due to their modular structure, can be used in a wide range of areas: Industrial gearboxes, vehicle construction, bearing and gear manufacturing, precision mechanics, plastics, turbo gearbox manufacturing, wind power, ship-building and other professional areas.

“Our mission is to bring and to share the extensive knowledge and experience from KISSsoft to the fast-growing markets of the Middle East. We welcome all the requests and will be happy to serve our local customers at the highest standards”, says Irina Voronkina, CEO of GloBAS Engineering.

Contact us at contact@globasengineering.com to know more.

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