Integrated FEM calculation in KISSsoft

When designing machines, the engineer is always faced with the task of determining the dimensions of individual structural elements. For this, two concepts for the analysis of mechanical engineering elements are proposed: the finite element method (FEM) or the method of analyzing machine elements (also called the analytical or standardized method), using standardized calculation rules. These methods do not compete, but complement each other.

The calculation software KISSsoft and KISSsys combine standardized methods with FEM calculations at various levels of analysis. The advantage of this combination is that these very fast, standardized methods generate input data for FEM calculation without additional modeling costs.

FEM calculation results for wheel body deformation and root stresses in 2D and 3D are now additionally displayed directly in KISSsoft. This allows the user to assess critical parts and connections much faster, as well as better control over the calculation.

Standard graphic images are available for evaluation, such as the FEM mesh, von Mises strains and stresses, and others. For a more detailed assessment, as before, post-processing can be carried out using the SALOME program.

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