Integrated approach for digital models

At the dawn of the digital age, the use of computing technology for modeling was implemented mainly the calculations of individual parts or small assemblies. With the growth of computing resources and the improvement of the mathematical apparatus, the complexity of models also grew.

Nowadays it is difficult to surprise someone by modeling large structures with many details. However, many calculations are still limited by modelling statics with the very limited introduction of a dynamic coefficient.

We would like to show that in the modern world, dynamics is the main object of interest since our whole life is a dynamic process, and not frozen at the moment.

Performing calculations of complex products in dynamics allows to get a more complete picture of the product behaviour in the real life. By getting a dynamic picture of the product’s behavior (whether it is a car, truck, land vehicle, drone, UAV, or aircraft), we get the opportunity to understand which components and assemblies can be improved in terms of reducing their weight, or vice versa, which require increased attention or strengthening.

Having carried out a full cycle of calculations, we can predict not only the behavior of the current product but also plan the development of a whole model range based on the data received.

In the modern world, it is important to conduct model studies of a future product, taking into account the maximum aspects of its life cycle. Check not only strength characteristics, durability, but also ride comfort, sound comfort, fuel efficiency, controllability and much more.

Below are some of the steps in the full cycle of calculations for the car as a whole, which we are ready to perform for you:

  • passive safety research
  • bench tests for durability
  • design reliability study
  • study of external aerodynamics to reduce

    drag coefficient and aerodynamic noise reduction

  • study of the efficiency of the engine cooling system

Our company is capable to provide all the necessary services to help both create digital models of products and provide support in design. 

We will be happy to share the knowledge, discuss your tasks and challenges, and help your company to achieve the ambitious targets as fast and effectively as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us for support and free consultation.

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