GloBAS Engineering visited MRO Middle East Aviation week

GloBAS Engineering, a leading provider of mechanical engineering software and services for gearbox design and simulation for aerospace, aviation and other verticals has visited MRO Middle East Aviation Show, held annually in Dubai.

The event brought together key players in the aviation industry from all over the world, including airlines, manufacturers, suppliers, and regulators. GloBAS Engineering was attending to talk to the companies who is involved in research, engineering or optimization of aviation equipment for enhancing the quality, reliability, cost and speed of production. GloBAS is an official Middle East representative of such companies like KISSsoft AG, A Gleason Company, HEXAGON AB, and FunctionBay Inc. Together with our partners we supply niche engineering software solutions for gears, gearboxes, shafts and other machine elements design and calculations, CAE simulation software and more.

Multibody dynamics simulation, Autonomous mobility simulation software, sheet metal forming from costing to design and production, Multiphysics simulation software, A nonlinear multiscale material and structure modelling platform are just a short list of possible software tools which help the industry leaders all over the world to achieve innovations and know-hows.

The event was a success for GloBAS Engineering and the company looks forward to attending future events to continue to strengthen its position as a niche mechanical engineering software player in the aviation industry.

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