Gearbox Design and Manufacturing Workshop, Dubai

On 6-8th December, KISSsoft AG, A Gleason Company, together with GloBAS Engineering, an official value-added reseller in the Middle East, hosted the first-ever gearbox design and manufacturing workshop in Dubai, UAE.

Mr. Ilja Tsikur, Senior Engineer, Global sales at KISSsoft AG shared knowledge about industrial gearbox concepts, calculations and optimisation in oil&gas, automotive, E-drives, aerospace and other industries. Touching slightly upon NVH efficiency, muting transmission noise actual topics.

In this seminar, common standards of gearbox design, an overview of KISSsoft® calculation and optimization for gear and gearbox design elements have been shown through real-time simulations and illustration of case studies. Many aspects of gearbox design, including pitting, tooth root failure, noise reduction, lifetime analysis of gearbox elements, and optimization tools have been introduced.

The discrepancy between theory and experience has a discouraging effect on developing new solutions or innovations in any industry and KISSsoft AG has developed powerful software backed by industry knowledge and the latest academic research to give the best answer for power transmission design and manufacturing with minimal risk.

The event had great success, thanks to Ilja Tsiku, Irina Voronkina and all the professionals who shared their valuable knowledge through discussion. GloBAS Engineering is aiming at a long-term development of the gear engineering industry in the Middle East.

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