Gear design analysis with GloBAS Engineering

GloBAS Engineering is not only an engineering software provider but also a provider of “turn-key” services for your engineering tasks. For example, Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis (LTCA) provides various parameters of optimisation with tooth modifications (tooth grinding).

The contact pattern is an area of the active tooth flank on which the load is distributed during the rotation of the gear. That is why the LTCA is a crucial stage of gear design.

It is extremely important to reach an equal load distribution by the tooth flank to increase wear resistance and gear durability. Incomplete and unequal teeth contact leads to a decrease in active contact pattern, unequal load and lubricant distribution by tooth flank. These effects cause the intensive wear of the gear teeth.

The purpose of contact pattern optimisation during a gear design is to prevent design alteration. It allows to significantly reduce the time needed to prepare for manufacturing. It also leads to an increase in a gear’s lifetime and cost reduction for repairs and warranty service.

GloBAS Engineering has all the necessary knowledge for gear design analysis. Our engineers are capable of analysing the tooth contact of the loaded gears using KISSsoft®. When calculating, we consider shaft misalignments, bearing stiffness and the influence of other elements and connections. Based on the analysis results, our specialists will also offer various parameters of optimisation with tooth modifications (tooth grinding). To examine your task contact us at 



*KISSsoft is a registered trademark of KISSsoft AG

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