The Gold Standart in Multibody Dynamics Simulation

The Adams solutions is used to develop and improve the designs of virtually everything that moves - from simple mechanical and electromechanical devices to automobiles and airplanes, railroad equipment, spacecraft, etc.

Using Adams, the performance characteristics of the future product, which previously required a long time and huge expenses to determine, can be obtained within a few hours.

The user can see how the machine will work and improve its characteristics at the earliest stages of design. The users has access to:

  • identification of product parameters that determine its perfomance and accuracy;
  • checking the machine components for collisions, determining the overall dimensions of the space required for its moving parts;
  • Determination of the level of the loads to be applied, the required drive power;
  • Optimization of the product parameters.

Adams allows you to explore dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of design variants, choosing the best one among them, constantly improving the future product, spending many times less time and money than with the traditional approach

Main features of Adams:

  • a wide set of types of kinematic links, elastic and dissipative links with linear and nonlinear characteristics, loads, kinematic influences, etc., available to the user to build a calculation model that reproduces the properties of the real product to the maximum extent;
  • ease of study and use, since the study of the virtual prototype in Adams corresponds to the main stages of work with the prototype of the product (development – testing – improvement);
  • user-friendly, intuitive interface: if an engineer is familiar with other CAE or CAD software, he/she will quickly master the work with Adams;
  • efficient means for visualization of the modeling results, including animation and graphing;
  • possibility to parameterize the computational model: modification of parameters leads to automatic change of the model properties and/or its configuration, model parameters may be linked by functional relationships, etc;
  • due to a large number of input and output data formats the results of modeling and calculation in Adams can be successfully used in the QE-systems;
  • The presence of “vertical applications” (add-ons for Adams), such as Adams/Car, Adams/TrackedVehicle, Adams/Machinery, allows one to expand the range of problems to be solved, simplify the interaction of the engineer with the calculation model both at the stage of its creation and modification, and at the stage of conducting calculation research;
  • Complex approach when modeling products in Adams with the use of elastic parts and components allows the use of dynamics calculation results as loading histories and load cycles (DutyCycle) for the subsequent examination of the durability in the MSC Fatigue system;
  • availability of additional interface (ACSI) for interaction with external calculation packages and joint calculations enables simulation of complex mechanical models with highly non-linear (both geometrically and physically) elastic links, prepared in Marc software package;
  • Compatibility with simulation software for automatic regulation and control systems Easy5, Simulink, Functional Mock-up Interface (FMU) and with user programs allows you to simulate and study complex heterogeneous dynamic systems and devices;
  • additional extensions (plug-ins) allow the engineer to interact directly (from the Adams interface) with the MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue SE system to assess the durability of the simulated product units (Adams2NEF extension), with the Actran system to assess the acoustic properties (Adams2Actran plug-in).

Working with Adams, user gets an opportunity to:

  • to develop calculation models of the products under study with maximum consideration of their design features, including a high identity of appearance, which in many cases simplifies the construction of models, their debugging and analysis of the obtained results;
  • to carry out calculation of parameters of products that determine their performance and accuracy (movement, speed and acceleration of product components, existing loads, dimensions of space required for moving machine parts, etc.);
  • perform optimization of product parameters.

You can request a trial version of the full KISSsoft package for testing. The trial is followed with a technical demonstration aimed on software abilities and focused on your design and manufacturing purposes.

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