An integrated approach in a virtual simulation process

An integrated approach in a virtual simulation process of complex engineering can significantly reduce the time for multiple iterations when searching for the optimal solution. GloBAS launches a series of online workshops from an expert in complex simulations. It will be based on real land vehicle simulations in whole and in parts followed by virtual tests in the virtual environment. 

The ability to analyze the behavior of a particular unit or unit as part of the entire vehicle gives an understanding of which loads are critical and which can be neglected. The data obtained from field tests allow an engineer to qualitatively calibrate the vehicle model and reduce the need for a large number of field studies. Join us on 2nd May at the workshop for an integrated virtual simulation approach https://lnkd.in/dvRrbyFa

GloBAS Engineering services include the execution of tasks for the multibody dynamics, external and internal aerodynamics, CFD, strength analysis and  integrated apprioach in CAE, strength analysis and much more. All projects are carried out on modern professional software.

We will be happy to share the knowledge, discuss your tasks and challenges, and help your company to achieve the ambitious targets as fast and effectively as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us for support and free consultation.

Or feel free to schedule a personal meeting or online technical discussion. 

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