Gain a deep understanding of your product's thermal behavior with some of the industry's most capable thermal analysis solutions.

Thermal analysis

thermal simulation solutions enable you to model thermal responses including all the modes of heat transfer, namely conduction, convection and radiation. Radiation view factors, critical for radiated energy flow calculations can be computed internally or imported from third party vendors providing options to our users. Additionally, both material properties and boundary conditions could be varied based on local temperatures, and can be modeled accurately and elegantly within MSC’s products. The objective of a thermal study is often to understand the response and performance of a structure. Based on the modeling needs, chained or coupled analysis can be performed by engineers to study temperature variations and effects on structural behavior, both in terms of the stress response and failure. The multi-physics capabilities that involve thermal response can be extended further to include Joule heating and electromagnetic effects for a better representation of physical behavior.

Our services in thermal simulation​

With the help of unique solvers and the necessary competencies, our engineers are ready to perform tasks, such as:

  • ablation conductors;
  • advanced convection;
  • temperature dependent properties;
  • contact mounting resistance;
  • heating due to friction;
  • environment effects on optical systems;
  • orbital heating;
  • phase change modeling;
  • radiation view factors;
  • steady state and transient heat transfer;
  • thermal structural coupling;
  • electro-upsetting simulation.

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