CFD analysis with Moving Particle Simulation method

Particleworks is a Computational Fluid Dynamics software package. It is based on an advanced fluid dynamics analysis method known as the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method. In this method, the fluid is represented as a collection of particles. This allows Particleworks to simulate the movement of fluids precisely and stably. Furthermore, it allows Particleworks to simulate free surfaces, as well as the interaction between 2 different fluids, such as oil and water.

ParticleWorks calculates fluids behaviour under different conditions and use various types of calculations and features: 

  • Surface tension (CSF model and Potential model)
  • Turbulence with the hybrid model i which LES (Large Eddy Simulation) is combined
  • Heat transfer between solids and fluids, temperature-dependent viscosity
  • Free surface flow, large deformations
  • Viscosity (Newtonian/Non-Newtonian fluids and high-viscosity fluids)
  • Air resistance using the external data (useful to analyze the mist or spray with air resistance)
  • Implicit/Explicit Methods
  • Various Boundary conditions (Wall, Inflow, Moving, Periodic)
  • Coupled simulation including fluid, powder and rigid body
  • Tight 2-way coupled simulation with RecurDyn (rigid and flexible bodies)
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