CFD analysis with Moving Particle Simulation method

Particleworks is a Computational Fluid Dynamics software package. It is based on advanced fluid dynamics analysis method known as the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method. In this method, the fluid is represented as a collection of particles. This allows Particleworks to simulate the movement of fluids precisely and stably. Furthermore, it allows Particleworks to simulate free surfaces, as well as the interaction between 2 different fluids, such as oil and water.

ParticleWorks calculates fluids behaviour under different conditions and use various types of calculations and features: 

  • Surface tension (CSF model and Potential model)
  • Turbulence with the hybrid model i which LES (Large Eddy Simulation) is combined
  • Heat transfer between solids and fluids, temperature-dependent viscosity
  • Free surface flow, large deformations
  • Viscosity (Newtonian/Non-Newtonian fluids and high-viscosity fluids)
  • Air resistance using the external data (useful to analyze the mist or spray with air resistance)
  • Implicit/Explicit Methods
  • Various Boundary conditions (Wall, Inflow, Moving, Periodic)
  • Coupled simulation including fluid, powder and rigid body
  • Tight 2-way coupled simulation with RecurDyn (rigid and flexible bodies)
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