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Product performance, safety, and reliability depend largely on accounting for multidisciplinary interaction. Such interaction can be achieved by applying a fairly universal finite element method (FEA), but usually the mathematical basis for different types of analysis is fundamentally different. For example, kinematics and dynamics of multimass systems, finite element analysis (FEA) and control system models do not have the same numerical basis, which makes it difficult to investigate results at a truly system level.

Multidisciplinary engineering modeling and analysis allows applications that use almost any part of mathematics in their work to share data, making it possible to design at a systems level. Multidisciplinary analysis allows a combination of finite element methods, control system models, kinematics and dynamics of machines and mechanisms, finite difference methods, differential equations, and more, allowing modeling and analysis across all engineering disciplines.

Our capabilities​

Multidisciplinary solutions enable interactive analysis of such interrelated representations of engineering computational models as machine and mechanism kinematics, thermal strength, control systems, fluid-structure interaction (FSI), consideration of layer-by-layer fracture of composites, and much more. Our well-established suite of solvers allows computational engineers to solve the most complex engineering problems: 

  • Thermal strength coupled sequential analysis;
  • Stability loss analysis considering initial imperfection;
  • Coupled thermal strength analysis;
  • Coupled vibroacoustic analysis;
  • Coupled analysis of kinematics of machines and mechanisms with consideration of pliability of structural elements;
  • Coupled fluid-structure interaction analysis;
  • Control Systems Analysis etc.

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