MSC Apex Generative Design

Smart Generative Design for an unmatched Design for Additive Manufacturing Experience

MSC Apex Generative Design provides a truly end to end solution for designers making high-precision, industrial components. It takes you from screen to machine faster and with less human intervention than any other software.

The change is up to us. For the first time, you can refresh, improve and validate parts and products in one end-to-end solution. Designers unite and join the MSC ApexGD revolution today. 

Designers love MSC Apex Generative Design. Their eyes light up when they use it because it thinks like them, improving parts using subtractive, formed and assembled designs – only faster. Users have experienced 80% reductions in initial design and setup time by combining multiple steps, from a starting geometry through preparation to optimisation.

Set the specifications, sit back, relax and then enjoy targeted design suggestions delivered at the speed of light.

Adjust features, sit back, relax, then enjoy targeted design recommendations delivered at the speed of light.

  • Simplicity – No expert knowledge is required to perform optimizations with a highly user-centric software design.
  • Automated Design – Generate multiple flattened design candidates almost automatically, all meeting design criteria while minimizing weight.
  • Import and Validation – Import existing geometries or mesh, find optimized design candidates, and perform design validation in a single CAE environment.
  • Direct Output – Export geometry that can be produced directly and used immediately without manual rework.
  • One Operation – Import the resulting geometries into Simufact Additive or Digimat AM for cost-effective first-time accuracy for each part.

MSC Apex Generative Design’s innovative approach has been proven in practice.

It is based on Finite Element Analysis, but unlike traditional methods it does not use a density area, but instead uses a very fine mesh with well-defined elements. This allows the algorithm to directly evaluate the stresses occurring, as well as reliably derive different geometries that the human mind could not really imagine.

Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) Design Without Expert Knowledge

MSC Apex Generative Design is specially designed to create detailed and highly complex structures that only additive processes can generate. Optimized designs often feature self-supporting structures that allow results to be sent directly to printing, as well as exhibiting perfect transitions between structural elements such as struts and shells.


You can request a trial version of the full package for testing. The trial is followed with a technical demonstration aimed on software abilities and focused on your design and manufacturing purposes.

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