The Nonlinear Multi-scale Material and Structure Moveling Platform

The material modelling platfrom

A virtual laboratory for nonlinear multilevel modeling of composite materials and structures made of them.

Digimat provides thermal, electrical, strength and thermal strength characteristics of multiphase materials. In addition for structural analysis it is possible to obtain the necessary characteristics in order to carry out calculations for fracture, creep and fatigue.

Composite modeling technology in Digimat is based on micromechanical approaches, which provides accurate prediction of the behavior of complex multicomponent materials and bridges the gap between composite material development, manufacturing process and finite element calculation.

Digimat provides thermal, electrical, strength and thermal strength characteristics of multiphase materials. Additionally for structural analysis it is possible to derive the necessary characteristics for fracture, creep and fatigue calculations.

Digimat allows to simulate characteristics of thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and composite materials with different matrix (polymer, metal, rubber). The resulting material characteristics can then be transferred to perform calculations in finite element packages. It is possible to take into account the heterogeneity of material characteristics associated with the technological processes of composite manufacturing: injection molding, lining, and pressing.


Digimat Modules

The Digimat consists of the following modules: Digimat-MF, Digimat-FE, Digimat-MX, Digimat-CAE, Digimat-MAP, Digimat-HC, Digimat-RP (Digimat-RP\Moldex3D), Digimat-VA and Digimat-AM.

  • Digimat-MF is designed to predict the non-linear behavior of multiphase materials. The module is based on a micromechanical approach to material simulation: the user enters the material characteristics of each phase, specifies the microstructure and the loads applied to the resulting multiphase material. All material modeling actions are performed sequentially along the model tree.
  • Digimat-FE is based on a finite element approach for modeling the structure of a composite material and is designed to create a representative volume element (VEI) of the reinforced plastic. A VEP is a minimum volume of material that contains a sufficient number of “carriers” of the considered process mechanisms for statistical description of the state of the body.
  • The Digimat-FE complements the Digimat-MF module well and is fully compatible with it.
  • Digimat-MX is designed to store, search and securely exchange material models between users. It can also be used for reverse engineering to calibrate material models based on test results.
  • Digimat-CAE combines in a single chain the finite element modelling and strength analysis software packages. This module has interfaces with the main software packages for injection molding calculation – Moldflow, Moldex3D, SigmaSoft, Rem3D, Simpoe, as well as interfaces with the main linear and non-linear solvers – Marc, MSC Nastran (SOL400 and SOL700), Abaqus (Implicit/Explicit), LS-Dyna, Ansys, RADIOSS, PamCrash, SAMCEF.
  • Digimat-MAP is an efficient, reliable, accurate and flexible tool used to transfer fiber spatial orientation, residual stresses, temperatures, junction lines, porosity or volume fractions from an injection molding simulation grid to a quality grid for structural finite element analysis.
  • Digimat-HC is designed for easy, fast and efficient design of honeycomb sandwich panels using advanced micromechanical simulation of composite material properties.
  • Digimat-RP is a specialized solution to perform strength analysis of reinforced plastics, taking into account the real microstructure of the composite material, obtained by simulating the manufacturing process.
  • Digimat-VA (Virtual Composite Calculated Characteristics) is an effective solution to perform virtual testing of a required series of samples and to assess the impact of component property deviations on the characteristics of the composite material under development. Digimat-VA is a vertical solution for virtual simulation of full-scale tests on specimens of various types (without a hole, with an open hole, with a filled hole, etc.), calculation of composite characteristics and replacement of full-scale tests.
  • Digimat-AM is a highly effective solution that allows to virtually simulate the process of manufacturing a part from plastic or composite material by 3D-printing, to determine warpage and residual stresses in the part even before it is manufactured.

You can request a trial version of the full software package for testing. The trial is followed with a technical demonstration aimed on software abilities and focused on your design and manufacturing purposes.

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